Kamis, 18 Februari 2010

Too young to be married: good or bad?

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
In this occasion I would like to speak about "too young to be married: good or bad? As you see, there are many forum of discussion about young marriage with many pro and contra argument from many resources.
To begin with, let me say that on one hand they are pro with it, because they have some argument, that is:
• From the western scientist research, a couple who had young married will be happy better than old married. Because our positive emotional still in great quantities so we can endure our marriage.
• Because of our adolescent imitate the western culture, some people afraid if they will make some mistake like sexual outside before marriage.
• Fulfill their biological necessary, with rightful.
• Decrease spreading sex disease.
• Decrease the abortion rate in the adolescent circle.

On the other hand, young married may cause many negative effects:
• The young married are not too good. Many problem causes when the early pregnancy. The baby will be born premature.
• Because of marriage not only love, but also the steady of financial.
• Increase the die rate of women cause young married are not enough age to pregnant.
• Increase the divorce rate.

So far, young married have become a dilemma for countries. On one hand, it can bring good effect but on the other hand it brings terrible consequence.

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this the video about young married. enjoy it ....

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