Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

Mount Eruption

Mount eruption are the mountain’s activity when the material come out from the earth. There are solid, liquid and gas material. Eruption will occur at the active mountain carry out volcanic activity. The volcanic activity can spray hot cloud, spraying fire and etc. Meanwhile if they do not show that activity, they are called ‘Gunung mati.’
The eruption occur when magma come out from the earth. Magma is blended of rock, the other mineral and very hot fluid.
Gas material is arranged by carbon dioxide, sulfur and charcoal acid. Liquid material secrete of lava. Lava is grit of volcanic and involved water. Volcano also explode solid material, there are bomb (big lump rock), lapili (little rocks or gravel) and dust of volcanic.
The eruption can occur anytime. There is some effort to face mount eruption:
o Avoid danger area, such as lope, valley and lava current territory.
o Built some bunkers.
o Wear secure clothes, and do not wear contact lens.
o Use masker.
o Determine safe area to flee.
o Observe the activity’s volcano. That can be preventive anticipation.
In general, eruption is one of disaster. The materials of eruption can damage for all, especially for human. But in the other hand, dust, lava and mud from the eruption are benefit, because they can make the land become more fertile.

Here is a video you can watch and enjoy

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