Sabtu, 05 Desember 2009


Good morning guys!! Have you ever heard about reproduction system of human ? what are the genital organ of men and women ? how about the process? Well, I will tell you explanation the reproduction system.

Reproduction system or genital system is organ whiting an organism which work together for the purpose of reproduction.

Do you know the most important organ in the reproduction system ? Ok, man and women have significant differencess about the organs of reproduction system. Part of men’s genital organs are penis, testis that productions sperm, uretra, prostat gland that production nitrient for sperm and seminalis gland. Women’s genital organ devided by internal organs and eksternal organs. The internal organs consist of vagina, cerviks, uterus, tuba falopii, and ovarium that production ovum. The eksternal organs consist of labia minora, lania mayora, klitoris, and vulva mounth as cavity to contact uterus with the eksternal body.

Well, I will tell you about human reproduction system. Reproduction system takes place as internal fertilization by sexual intercourse. The sperm and ovum meet in the tuba falopii. When erect penis of the male is inserted into the femele’s vagina, penis will ejaculation. It will out millions of sperm and its come into uterus cavity. In fertil perode if women do sexual activity with man, maybe ovum that liberated free can meet with sperm. The trevels through the vagina and cervix into the uterus and fertilization will occurs. The produce of it is zygot. Zygot will adhere in the uterus wall andthen will davelop to be a candidate of baby for approximately nine months and tendays. The process is pregnancy in humans. Gesration ands with birth, the process of birth is know as labor.

Labor consists of muscles of the uterus contracting. The cervic dilating, and the baby passing out the vagina.

Do you understand guys? To get more information about the reproduction system you can going to library or ask your biology teacher. Thanks for your attention. Good bye......

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